Zynga’s poker on smartphone


We all know for famous Zynga’s Texas Hold’em poker. Its browser version is most popular. Its simple interface, good graphics and fast gameplay made its way on top of the ladder in online poker games. There is also an app for it if you want to play it on your smartphone. Here are few reasons why should you download it and why not.

Zynga-Poker-–-Texas-Holdem-IconFirst : it’s huge. Its installation size depends from your device (mine was 200MB) and could be really huge to download. I got it from Google Play Store and it wasn’t fast, although I have great Wi-Fi network. If you do not have a stable Wi-Fi connection you shouldn’t download. Memory should not represent any problem because smartphones from 2013 have a big memory and you can always upgrade it with a memory card.

Its fast gameplay depend on your smartphone. The better phone you have, the better gameplay and its dynamics will be. If it is an older version of Android or iOS systems, things are going to be slower and playing will be tougher. But most of these problems are solved with upgrading system software. In order to get a quality gameplay everything must go smooth.

Another bad thing is that you can’t always easily hit the button you want to hit. Sometimes you hit fold and you have wanted to raise or check. If you have big fingers, then it’s better for you to play on your PC. Despite having a great look and fast gameplay this can represent a real problem, and that you can easily become more nervous and your game quality will be downgraded.
On my smartphone, a huge problem was battery. Literally, app is using so much RAM memory that is draining your battery quickly. If you want to play, you must play plugged in.

gamzyngapoker530I think that keeping with the PC is much better and healthier for your battery. But there is a brighter side in all of this. There is an also a great advantage that you can play poker anywhere where you can connect to Wi-Fi. If you can get good reception, game is just fantastic. This is not just for the Zynga app but also of any others. They all are pretty much the same; only the interfaces and graphics are slightly different.

I must say that overall playing experience is a little bit better on smartphone or better yet on tablet. Tablet is big enough so you won’t make a mistake and it’s much better when playing on a bigger screen. You can easily sit back in your chair and just connect. But sitting in a chair and wielding a mouse is better feeling. I hope that someday in near future, they will develop apps that can transmit emotions so you could determine whether someone is bluffing or not.


Anyway I think that poker apps on smartphones are great idea when you want to play outside your home but if you are at home, stick to the PC.

Advantages Of Playing Roulette Online


Along with blackjack and slots, roulette is certainly one of the most popular games played in a land-based casino. It frequently stars in Hollywood movies and is an epitome of true old fashioned Vegas gambling style. Though it changed slightly in appearances, roulette has kept its seductive form and recognizable charm since it was invented in 18th century France (Even Blaise Pascal created a primitive roulette machine in his search for a perpetual moving machine in 17th century).

324140_Mr-Green-RouletteThe name of the game also comes from French, meaning “little wheel”, which certainly makes sense knowing that precisely the wheel is the place where ball which the dealer spins falls into. According to the type, the ball may end it’s trajectory in one out of 37, or 38, pockets. French/European roulette has 37 colored and numbered positions on the wheel, while the American has 38.

Well, if it is such an attractive game to be played in a land-based casino what are the reasons so much people are playing it online? There are certainly a number of those so I list them below:

  • Convenience: For most people avoiding shouting and yelling or large crowd is very beneficial. And even if you do enjoy that aspect of real-life experience there are also elements of time and place: you can play online roulette whenever you like (3 AM? Sure, why not!) and also from the comforts of your home or office (or maybe better not from the office, m?). No need for traveling, paying for gasoline or hotel rooms, etc.
  • Finance: Playing online roulette allows you to play for fictional money, so even if you are a newcomer into the world of gambling you can enjoy and entertain yourself without having to worry about the state of your bank account. Also, using pretend chips has its advantages even if you are more experienced or pro player: you can try new strategies and tactics without concerns of losing real money. In addition to that there is also element of stakes per a bet: most land-based casinos have a minimum requirement of $10 per spin, but when you play online normally that amount goes down to just $1 or you can even spin the wheel for free.
  • images (3)Safety: Although many people still have concerns and fears when it comes to internet security and electronic payments, there are less and less complaints and if you use respectable and trust-worthy sites there is really no reason not to enjoy in a safe game of online roulette. Using those sites you will be offered fair playing odds, your payments will be guaranteed and the site will not steal your money or use your personal information. There are lots of lists which rank the best sites and sometimes they use different factors in doing so, but a lot of them conclude that the following are among the best ones: “Spin Palace”, “Gaming Club”, “Ruby Fortune”, “Lucky Nugget”, etc.
  • Bonuses: With sites being created daily, online roulette has to attract visitors in any way it can and an easy way to do so is to give them something. And we all love free stuff. Every time you apply to play on an online roulette site, i.e. you sign-up, the “house” will usually provide you with a certain bonus. There are of course tricks and limitations for being able to actually use it but we all like to pretend bonuses do come for free.

When to Take a Break From Online Pokies

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Pokies or slots are highly entertaining and popular casino game that many people are able to play for hours. Some do it for the sake of fun and do not spend large amounts of money, and the others play them setting their hopes for the jackpot. Since the appearance of pokies in an online setting, it has never been easier to choose a game and play it anytime and anywhere. Whatever the reason of your playing pokies might be, it is very important that you do not lose too much time and money, and not between the best too much of emotional effort. If you are a player who goes on feeling rather than common sense, make sure to recognize the signs that will tell you when it is time to stop playing.

big-chef-onlinepokiesFirst of all, keep in mind that nothing guarantees that you will hit the jackpot. Do not get deceived by the common opinion that you will win the money if you play long enough. Online pokies are guided by random number generating device and every spin is independent from the previous or the next one. When you catch yourself playing in northern win back the money you have lost, you should stop playing and try some other day.

If you are a regular player, you may feel that you are getting closer to the jackpot because you have played for a long time. Again, all the spins are completely random and independent, so no matter how long you have played you always have equal chance of winning as if you had the first time you played the game. With this in mind, do not ever go on playing because you feel that you are approaching to winning the jackpot, because your chances have nothing to do with the length of the game.

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If you have spent a lot of time playing the game by now, at some point you might feel frustrated because you still haven’t won anything. It is important that you do not allow the frustration to turn into anger, because it might lead you to playing more and higher amounts of money, which is a circle difficult break. Also, try to keep yourself from feeling desperate, depressed or upset because you are not to winning. Keep in mind that the main goal of playing pokies is having fun, relaxing and winding up and if you let yourself feel overwhelmed with negative emotions, you will achieve a complete opposite effect.

mega-moolah-mobile-300x186  Before starting the game in the first place, you should set aside a specific amount of money which should be used only for gambling. If it happens that you spend all of that money and go on playing by investing the money you need for other needs, be sure that it is the unmistakable sign that you should stop playing. If you have difficulties in controlling yourself when it comes to spending the money, many online casinos have the option offer weekly or monthly limits to your account and you can choose to set them up.

In the end, if you start feeling fatigued and tired, it is definitely a time to take a break and start doing something else. As already mentioned, it is important that the game is fun and that you do not feel burdened by it. So when you feel that you have stopped enjoying, get some rest and try your luck some other day.

Incredible iPhone Roulette


iPhone users can never be bored since there are hundreds of thousands of apps specially designed and available for their iPhones. These include iPhone applications for music, news, social networking, games, photography and more which offer a large number of choices for every user.

iphone_liverouletteFor example, you can always have detailed and accurate weather information such as hourly and extended forecasts. In that case you can plan or postpone barbecue, nature walks or swimming. Moreover, you will always have your umbrella when you need it. Your photos and videos will always be sorted and organized if you decide to use photo-sharing services. You can also create movies, animations, collages, etc. Furthermore, social networking applications will allow you to communicate with your friends, whenever and from wherever you wish.It’s never been easier to contact your friends and to connect with new people. News apps deliver you breaking news and stories from all over the world thanks to which you can be informed about the latest events. They usually cover everything from political, sports, technology, entertainment, and more.

But music related apps are certainly the most popular. Now our favorite songs and artist are stored on our iPhones and we can carry and play them when we like. Regardless of wherever we are walking down the streets, waiting for the bus, sitting at the park or resting, we can listen to our favorite songs. This apps offer us access to thousands of songs from evergreens to the latest hits. We can also create our own playlists and to discover new music.

screen520x924With millions of apps available and with new ones which comes every single day, there is an application for everyone, indeed. Regardless of interest and personal preference, you can be sure that you can find at lest one application that will fulfill all your expectations and urge you to try the others.
The real money roulette apps are also available for all roulette fans to download from the app store and to use it on their iPhones. Most of these applications enable roulette to be played very quickly and provide the players with the opportunity to easily change their stakes. All of them are secure and the user can feel safe while depositing funds and withdrawing his winnings. Many of them also offer bonuses for new customer as well as attractive prizes for the people who continue to use a particular roulette application.

images (2)iPhone roulette applications allow the gamblers to spice up their game with real money wagers. This opportunity gives the user the sense of excitement and thrill as if being at the roulette table in the land based casino surroundings.Playing roulette on your iPhone provides you with a high quality visual and audio experience that is almost similar to the real casino experience. You just have to learn the rules and the types of bets and there you go. You are ready to play! By using your iPhone, you can test your luck and your gaming skill, as well as to win real cash prizes.