Zynga’s poker on smartphone


We all know for famous Zynga’s Texas Hold’em poker. Its browser version is most popular. Its simple interface, good graphics and fast gameplay made its way on top of the ladder in online poker games. There is also an app for it if you want to play it on your smartphone. Here are few reasons why should you download it and why not.

Zynga-Poker-–-Texas-Holdem-IconFirst : it’s huge. Its installation size depends from your device (mine was 200MB) and could be really huge to download. I got it from Google Play Store and it wasn’t fast, although I have great Wi-Fi network. If you do not have a stable Wi-Fi connection you shouldn’t download. Memory should not represent any problem because smartphones from 2013 have a big memory and you can always upgrade it with a memory card.

Its fast gameplay depend on your smartphone. The better phone you have, the better gameplay and its dynamics will be. If it is an older version of Android or iOS systems, things are going to be slower and playing will be tougher. But most of these problems are solved with upgrading system software. In order to get a quality gameplay everything must go smooth.

Another bad thing is that you can’t always easily hit the button you want to hit. Sometimes you hit fold and you have wanted to raise or check. If you have big fingers, then it’s better for you to play on your PC. Despite having a great look and fast gameplay this can represent a real problem, and that you can easily become more nervous and your game quality will be downgraded.
On my smartphone, a huge problem was battery. Literally, app is using so much RAM memory that is draining your battery quickly. If you want to play, you must play plugged in.

gamzyngapoker530I think that keeping with the PC is much better and healthier for your battery. But there is a brighter side in all of this. There is an also a great advantage that you can play poker anywhere where you can connect to Wi-Fi. If you can get good reception, game is just fantastic. This is not just for the Zynga app but also of any others. They all are pretty much the same; only the interfaces and graphics are slightly different.

I must say that overall playing experience is a little bit better on smartphone or better yet on tablet. Tablet is big enough so you won’t make a mistake and it’s much better when playing on a bigger screen. You can easily sit back in your chair and just connect. But sitting in a chair and wielding a mouse is better feeling. I hope that someday in near future, they will develop apps that can transmit emotions so you could determine whether someone is bluffing or not.


Anyway I think that poker apps on smartphones are great idea when you want to play outside your home but if you are at home, stick to the PC.

What To Know About iPhone Pokies


The first pokies machine was invented more than a century ago and it quickly gained in popularity. During the years, the game of pokies has undergone many changes. First the side lever was replaced by the button on the front, and in modern days pokies machines use touchscreen technology. Since many activities got the opportunity to be done online, the same thing happened with pokies, so nowadays we have many online casinos which offer various types of pokies games, either to be played for free or for real money. But the technology event even further and pokies games followed it. Seems people of today use their mobile phones to access the Internet, many application stores and online casinos offer of the apps which can be downloaded onto smartphones and used to play casino games, again both for money and for fun.

alaskan-fishing-1-240x180Among various kinds of smartphones, the iPhone seems to have taken the throne of being the most wanted and the most popular. It is estimated that more than half a million people are iPhone users, and they will be more of them. Online casinos have recognized the need for the existence of iPhone applications, so if you want to use your iPhone in order to play pokies, you are certainly going to find hundreds of games to download.

Online casinos offer you two ways of playing pokies, one of them being directly through a browser and the other by downloading the app. You may encounter a problem when it comes to playing through a browser because many games still run on Flash platform, which is not supported by iOS. Therefore, it could be a better choice for iPhone users to download the application and play pokies through it. If you wish to play pokies for real money, you should make an accounting an online casino, place the funds into your account, and choose the game you want to play, whether it was an app or an in-browser game. You will use the same details to log in from your iPhone as if you were to do if you played the game from a PC. Of course, make sure to be connected to the Internet in order for your game progress to be tracked and for the money to be withdrawn from your account in order to place bets.

Other than online casinos, Apple store also offers a huge number of pokies games created specifically for iPhones or iPads. These games can be played just for fun and keep in mind that you will not be able to invest real money, because Apple’s policy does not allow you to do so.

iphone-pokiesNo matter where you choose to download the application from, iPhone pokies are usually rich in graphics and sounds; they are very user-friendly and easy to play. If you choose to download the act from an online casino, here is an extra tip: make sure to choose the casino that is legal and reliable in order not to install a faulty app onto your device.

Once you follow these tips and start playing pokies on your iPhone, you will be able not only to play safely and to have fun, but also to play whenever you want and wherever you find yourself.